Our Terms Before using any of the services of Designbootstrap make sure that every term and conditions are understood and accepted by you. If you feel any hesitation or disagree about any terms and condition, we recommend you to avoid from all services provided by Designbootstrap. The following terms are applied to the product and services stated in the Designbootstrap.

Product and Service

1. To purchase a product you have to be registered by providing your email, name etc.
2. To get service you have to contact through our contact page.
3. You have to login your account to download a product.
4. Download will be available after you complete a purchase and you will notify you by email.
5. For security purpose, all the transaction will be processed through a third- party online provider name 2checkout. You can use multiple payment methods such as visa, MasterCard, PayPal and all major credit cards through this system.
6. Designbootstrap will not responsible for any technical delay. Sometimes problems arise with payment transaction, receiving email etc. In that case contact with us immediately. We will fix your problem as early as possible.
7. From any types of illegal, fraud or any activity that violet the rules will be considered as a malpractice and immediate step will be taken without any notification.



1. All of the registered member information will be highly secured .
2. All financial operation will be processed through third party payment gateway for higher safety.

1. To registered you must have to provide an authentic name and details that prove your real identity. For any fake identity, an account will be suspended immediately without any notice.
2. By doing registration you are responsible to do any kind of activity perform under your account.
3. For any types of an accident such as hacking, stolen of password etc. inform us immediately.
4. We deserve the right to cancel your account at any time.
Refund Policy

1. Within 24hr you have to confirm us about your purchased product if your product is not meet your requirement, you purchase the wrong product, for any types of a technical failure during purchasing, due to wrong information etc.
Product Compatibility

1. All of the product and services are designed by considering the up to date technology and it’s compatible with all most all major platform.
2. All of the product details and services are described in product details option.

1. You can not use any product or service of the Desingbootstrap that violates any copyright law of other company, law in your jurisdiction, international law, European Union law etc.
2. We are not selling template that is used for developing for promoting or selling ban, illegal product, violence, terrorism, pornography, racism etc.

1. For any support contact us with our contact page or follow us in our social media platform.
1. Ownership of the products is determined according to individual license policy.
2. Every product is the individual property of individual seller and except the owner anyone may not claim any ownership of the product offered in Designbootstrap after any modification.
3. Designbootstrap does not provide any warranty for any damage or loss arise during use of the product.
Price Correction

1. Designbootstrap has the right to change the terms and condition, price, service at any time.
2. Registered members will be notified by email about the change of any policy.


Intellectual Property

1. All the service and product are the exclusive property of Designbootstrap.com and protected by copyright, trademark, and other law rules.