Designbootstrap Privacy Policy.

Designbootstrap Privacy Policy is highly prioritizing. the client and user security. To make this website friendly. and safe both for visitors and clients, we play hard rule for to ensure user satisfaction. Below we explain how we do it.
Privacy Policy

1. Designbootstrap are strongly committed to secure all personal data of clients.
2. We don’t provide any information commercially or no commercially to any third party.
3. All of the mailing lists are stored in our personal database which is highly secured and don’t allow unauthorized access.
4. Users can modify, delete their personal information at any time from their account.
5. We are collecting least amount of information for individual user identification such as email, username, service access etc. So your privacy will be secure all time.
6. We only disclose data in case of a request from law enforcement agency for an investigational purpose.
7. For a statistical purpose, we use information like number of visitors, targeted keyword, product survey etc.
Change of Privacy Policy

1. Designbootstrap has the right to change the privacy policy at any time.

2. Every change will be updated on this page.