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INSPINIA Responsive Admin Theme is a premium admin dashboard template with flat design concept. It is fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS or CRM.

I release continuous long term updates and many new features will be coming soon in the near future updates. Once you purchased INSPINIA, you will be entitled to free download of all updates.if you need just Purchase Now   


Inspinia package contents

  • Static Full Version
  • Static Seed Project
  • MVC5 Full Version
  • MVC5 Seed Project
  • .NET Core 1.0 Full Version
  • .NET Core 1.0 Seed Project
  • ReactJS Seed Project
  • Ruby on Rails Full Version
  • Ruby on Rails Seed Project
  • Meteor Full Version
  • Meteor Seed Project
  • Angular2 Seed Project
  • Angular Full Version
  • Angular Seed Project
  • Angular Seed Project Grunt
  • Angular Seed Project Gulp
  • Angular Seed Project MEANJS
  • Laravel5 Seed Project
  • Documentation
  • Landing Page
  • LESS
  • SASS
  • SCSS
  • PSD Files (more than 50 main views and components full layered)

Static version, AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC5/MVC6/.NET Core 1.0, Meteor and Ruby on Rails version

Inspinia theme includes six versions. One with all static html/css/js files that is great for any php, java or other programming language application. AngularJS version that contains a number of controllers and directives written specifically to support angular framework. ASP.NET MVC5/MVC6 and .NET core 1.0 projects for Visual Studio, Meteor version for node.js developers and Ruby on Rails version. Additional we provided three special starter projects for ReactJS, Angular 2 and Laravel 5. In the future all three frameworks will have own full version of Inspinia. But if you don’t want to wait for full versions and want to just jump to the code and start developing your app with the latest technologies, you can use those three special starter projects.


  • Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
  • Built with new Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • Flat UI with clean aesthetic style
  • Boxed View, Fluid view
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive video
  • 7 different charts libraries
  • Animations CSS3
  • Various styles of tables
  • Well structured code
  • Drop zone file upload
  • Forum view
  • Truncate feature
  • Two timeline design
  • Google maps
  • Datamaps
  • Markdown
  • Agile Board
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Outlook view
  • Blog view
  • Social feed
  • Tour feature
  • Code editor
  • Foo table
  • Vote list page
  • Small chat
  • Customized modal view
  • Nestable list
  • Validation
  • Landing page
  • PDF viewer
  • SeedProject for all version
  • Loading buttons
  • Mailbox
  • File manager
  • i18 support
  • Masonry
  • Teams board
  • Slick carousel
  • Off canvas menu
  • Metrics/Analytic view
  • Tag input
  • Right sidebar
  • Custom Material Design Skin
  • Pin board with yellow notes
  • Invoice
  • Diff feature
  • Dual select
  • Idle timer
  • User profile
  • Widgets page
  • Ecommerce
  • Clock picker
  • Project detail
  • Form validation
  • Credit card form
  • Projects list
  • Shoping cart view
  • FAQ view
  • Calendar view
  • Gallery view
  • c3 charts
  • Local storage
  • Autocomplete
  • Lock screen view
  • Login, register, error pages
  • Draggable panels
  • and many more…


Each new version does not have any breaking changes. We always provide full support for previous versions. Each new version are also free, once you purchase Inspinia, you are entitled to download all updates/versions for free.

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