01  INSPINIA – Responsive Admin Theme

INSPINIA is The Best Selling template in the world, INSPINIA  Administrator Subject is a premium administrator dashboard format with level plan idea. It is completely responsive administrator dashboard layout worked with Bootstrap 3+ System, HTML5 and CSS3, Media jQuery. It has a gigantic gathering of reusable UI parts and incorporated with most recent j Query modules. It can be utilized for all kind of web applications like custom administrator board, venture administration framework, administrator dashboard or application back end

            Inspinia package content

  1. Static Full Version
  2. Static Seed Project
  3. MVC5 Full Version (VS 2015)
  4. MVC5 Seed Project (VS 2015)
  5. NET Core 1.0 Full Version (VS 2015)
  6. NET Core 1.0 Seed Project (VS 2015)
  7. Ruby on Rails (4.2.3) Full Version
  8. Ruby on Rails (4.2.3) Seed Project
  9. Meteor Full ( Version
  10. Meteor Seed ( Project
  11. Angular (1.5) Full Version
  12. Angular (1.5) Seed Project
  13. Documentation
  14. Landing Page
  15. LESS
  16. SASS
  17. SCSS
  18. PSD File (more than 50 main view and components full layered)

02. SmartAdmin Responsive webApp Theme


SmartAdmin WebApp – goes past the standard admin Template. Its remarkable level outline and responsive Theme is made exceptional. SmartAdmin incorporates different varieties: Static HTML, AJAX, PHP 5.3, Rakish 5 and AngularJS 1.5, RubyOnRails, ReactJS and ASP.NET Center 2. Every variety accompanies its own one of a kind properties and use. SmartAdmin has a huge gathering of grouped reusable UI parts coordinated with most recent jQuery modules. SmartAdmin Design Programming interface gives you a chance to alter your task for any gadget – be it Portable, Web or WebApp – SmartAdmin has you secured!

SmartAdmin package contents

  • AJAX Full_version
  • Ajax Seed project
  • x / Full & Seed project (legacy)
  • x / Full, Seed project & Lite versions
  • Net Core 2.0 Full version
  • Net Core 2.0 Seed project
  • Net MVC5 Full version
  • Net MVC5 Seed project
  • Email Templates
  • HTML Full version
  • HTML Seed project
  • Landing page (3 options)
  • PHP Ajax Full version
  • PHP Ajax Seed project
  • PHP HTML Full version
  • PHP HTML Seed project
  • ReactJS Full version
  • ReactJS Seed project
  • RubyOnRails Full version
  • RubyOnRails Seed project
  • Source LESS
  • Source SASS
  • Source Unminified CSS
  • Source Unminified JS
  • txt
  • DOM-changes.txt
  • js
  • json



03  SuperAdmin 2.1 Responsive Admin Template


SuperAdmin may be a powerful-lightweight totally responsive tissue layer show compatible admin templet supported Bootstrap four. SuperAdmin comes with ten completely different themes and over forty jQuery totally bespoke plugins. SuperAdmin is totally Responsive and adapt well in any devices.

Almost all the Bootstrap stock elements and third party vendors square measure redesigned to match SuperAdmin User Interfaces.


  • Comes with 10 unique background themes.
  • Fully Responsive design, supported for desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.
  • Complete User Interface elements and components.
  • Variety of form Components (Validation, Color picker, Date picker, Toggler, select, etc..)
  • Retina display ready Icons and Images
  • Sample pages included such as Messages, Listview, Login etc.
  • Bower Package Manager
  • Uses SASS and GruntJs
  • Built on latest Twitter Bootstrap.
  • And many more….

Form Components

  • Input Groups
  • Input Masking
  • Select 2 custom select fields
  • Drag and drop file upload
  • Toggle Switches
  • Date and Time pickers
  • Color Pickers
  • Input Sliders
  • Button checkboxes and radios
  • Custom checkboxes
  • Icon toggles
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Ratings
  • Input field text counter



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